Lys was conceived from the desire to have a more personal and satisfying relationship with clothing. Designer Lizzy Seklir believes true luxury is sustainability in form and function.

Lys garments are intended to have a 'low impact' upon creation and a 'long impact' on the life of their owner. Made from organic and sustainable fibers, the clothing's modification of classic lines gives them an extended lifespan. The pieces move through different environments, muting the distinctions between clothes for work and clothes for play.

Lys embraces an environmentally sound approach to the use of materials and manufacturing processes and considers itself a learning organism. As such Lys does not ascribe to a model of perfection when it comes to sustainability, but hopes that supporting multiple developing models will lead to innovation in the industry. Materials are sourced from both large- and small-scale producers, many of whom are community-based, artisanal weavers. Textile fibers used in Lys's fabrics come from certified organic farms as well as 'farmer-friendly' and 'transitional' cultivators of silk, cotton, wool, and hemp. All Lys garments are locally produced in New York City's garment district and Lys uses only low-impact dyes or natural pigments. Resolutely, Lys strives to maximize available resources to create clothes that will be loved for years by the women who wear them.